Impact of New Tariffs and a Looming Trade War

Whether it’s the government or supplier of raw materials or the down stream magnet producer we have seen,over the past 50 years, the negative results of arbitrarily imposing sanctions/tariffs and/or surcharges on these materials, many times causing havoc in the market place. From

Join Design Engineers and Material Scientists

Join manufacturers, design engineers, material scientists and technology integrators January 23-24 in Orlando, Florida for the 2019 MAGNETICS and co-located Motor & Drive Systems conferences. A conference pass grant access to both events, including more than 30 presentations, panel discussions, small group

Developing Magnets Without Rare Earth Materials

With China and US on the verge of a trade war, the implications could be disastrous for companies and products that rely on rare earth materials. Rare earths make up several chemical elements on the periodic table. While these materials aren’t actually

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